EBD Magazine #1 – Full English Version + CD

EBD Magazine #1 – Full English Version + CD


52 pages

PLUS: CD Extreme Collection Volume #I with 10 songs (featuring Cerimonial Sacred, Pantokrator, Marble Tomb, Exortta, Mercy, Melech, Vials Of Wrath, Harpazo, Monotheist, Armath Sargon)

Extreme Brutal Death is a magazine that has been active in South America for more than two decades. Its content includes the works of extreme metal bands and projects that, unlike most, follow the opposite direction of the majority, that is, Christianity. Over the years, several creatures around the world have asked for a full English version. And in response to this clamor and demand, Unvergaenglich-Underground.com is releasing the first edition of this important scroll. Professionally printed, the first edition brings interviews, unpublished and exclusive information where it cannot be found anywhere on the Internet, all spread over 52 printed pages. Most of the photos are also exclusive. Together, the parchment brings the Extreme Collection CD with the presence of several bands, all songs with full audio quality in WAVE format. Support this cause and make your purchase!


  • Flyer – Power of Destruction
  • Extreme News
  • Pantokrator
  • Black Metal vs. UnBlack Metal
  • Cerimonial Sacred
  • Mercy
  • Vials of Wrath
  • CASM
  • Harpazo
  • Hesychast
  • Jernlov
  • Marble Tomb
  • Monotheist
  • Amud
  • Extreme Labels
  • Exortta
  • Extreme Review

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