Cerimonial Sacred – The Answer at the Same Intensity

The Cerimonial Sacred Horde was formed in 1998 in a small Brazilian town called Santa Bárbara d’Oeste, located in the state of São Paulo. The band was born like any other band. The difference is that members Abisai Darkaliel and Melancton Samengallef broke the barrier of time. While other projects and bands died along the way, losing their lives and purpose on the battlefield, Cerimonial Sacred remained standing on a wave of insults, hatred, and a lot of hostility. The duo was the result of an anomaly that, out of control, took on terrible proportions and now insults all unbelieving prayers. The roar of the dragons falls silent and fades into the shadows of oblivion. We spoke with Melancton Samengallef, who revealed some of the secrets surrounding the existence of these brutal creatures.

Since this is the first interview for this new aspect of EBD, can you tell us who Cerimonial Sacred is and what their mission is?

Melancton Samengallef: We feel very honored to do this interview and thank you very much for choosing us. Cerimonial Sacred is a Brazilian Black Metal band with a Christian theme. It was founded by me and my brother Abisai. But beyond the formalities, we are also an answer to those who insult the Christian faith and oppose Christianity without knowing anything about the most powerful religion in the world. We are a band with more than two decades of existence that expresses all the opposition against Satanism and anti-Christianity. Our mission is to make extreme music for everyone who appreciates Black Metal and to be a hope in Christ for those who walk in darkness without ever seeing the light.

Cerimonial Sacred has achieved progress and visibility in different parts of the world, attracting fans from distant countries. How do you feel knowing about this new level? And how do you handle the level of responsibility knowing that you’re being watched internationally?

Melancton: When we started Cerimonial Sacred in 1998, we had no idea where it would end up, but we were surprised to see our music being appreciated in different countries around the world. We have received messages from India and even Cuba, some places in Africa, Greece, and many other places we could never have imagined. We’ve already sent our CDs and t-shirts to most of these places, and we feel very honored because it’s a response to the dedication we’ve had to work down to the smallest detail in everything we do as a band.

The responsibility goes beyond just making quality music. We carry a name greater than ourselves, and this God we serve has a bride whose spirit burns with jealousy, we cannot despise the weight of this responsibility. If we are the bible the world reads, then our mission is to reduce ourselves until nothing of us exists and only Christ appears. There is a lack of references for this new generation… Want to read the whole interview? Check out the latest issue of Extreme Brutal Death Magazine for this and much more! Order your Extreme Brutal Death Magazine at UNVERGAENGLICH-UNDERGROUND.COM

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